Saturday, September 14, 2013

50 Years

Don't they make a cute couple back in 1963?  They still do.  We celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary at our house last weekend with 55 or 60 people (I kind of lost track).

 My husband spent weeks carefully mowing our pasture and we ate outside on picnic tables.

On Monday we celebrated our 24th, just the two of us.  Hope we can be as happy as they are and reach our 50th too.
After a summer of lots of sadness it was nice to have something to celebrate.

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vivian said...

50 years is pretty amazing! so is 24! we hit 33 this year.or was it 32? I seriously dont feel like doing the math to remember! lol!
anyways, Happy Anniversary. And, I just took a quick spin through your last few posts and I LOVE your strawberry quilt. I really should be a more patient person and start quilting.
have a great day Lisa!