Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas, Part 1

Christmas Pyrex!
Just makes me smile!
I have quite a large Pyrex collection, and I remember the first vintage piece I bought.  It was the small blue mixing bowl that goes with the primary set, bought right after I got married just because my husband didn't think my bowls were big enough to eat cereal out of.  I now have two complete primary sets, I can never pass those bowls up when I find them for just a dollar or two.  And I love my pink gooseberry and turquoise butterprint, but if someone asked what would I really like to find, the answer would be Christmas Pyrex.  These two pictures below?  They're mine!

This is a big 2 1/2 quart casserole called golden poinsettias.  Earlier this week I came down with a terrible cold, and leaving for work early to stop and get some medicine at Walgreen's, I still had a few minutes to kill.  Handy that Goodwill was right across the street. :)  I spied this as soon as I walked in the door and made a beeline to it.  Seeing the $8 price tag kind of irked me.  Our Goodwill folks have recently discovered the value of Pyrex, and mark it higher than anything else in the store.  When I got to the check out, the lady told me since it had a yellow tag, it was half price, yay!  I'm already planning what goodies will be cooked in this Christmas season.

Four quart mixing bowl "golden leaf".
I found this at a garage sale this summer ($2 I think) and was thrilled!  Couldn't believe the luck, I had no idea I'd find that casserole in just a couple of months.  This one has already been used to make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies before it found a home in one of the cupboards (it's getting harder to find spots!).
And the Christmas quilt, rows all sewn together, yay!  I should note that this is not my pattern, or something I made up.   You can find it here.   Did you ever see a quilt, or something else and want to make one JUST LIKE IT?  That's what this was for me.  I did change the dimensions a little, the original quilt was 60" x 60", mine should finish at 54" x 78", after I add a 4" border all around.  I wanted something to cover me from chin to toes, and also my 6' 3" husband.  Last year she put the pattern on sale a little closer to Christmas, that's when I got mine. ;)

Some more cute blocks, just because I love 'em so!

I made an apron out of this fabric two years ago, love it!
A snow lady

And a scottie (of course!)


Kristi said...

I love that Pyrex! AND--I love your blocks!! Eeep! ♥

Linda Ruthie said...

Now I know how much I have missed you. Looking at these wonderful photos, I just melt. When you mentioned Christmas Pyrex earlier, I thought of the eggnog set I have seen once or twice. I have never seen these Pyrex patterns before. I especially love the pinecones on the mixing bowl.
And the quilt makes me want to search out more Christmas fabric. What a wonderful cheery, Christmas quilt you will have to snuggle under.
Thanks so much for sharing.

Jill said...

Your Christmas pyrex is so great! I've never seen that pattern before. I have a few vintage casserole dishes (I think they're pyrex) with turquoise snow flakes. I fell in love with them at first sight. Pyrex is so great, isn't it?!

Jill said...

Ps: I absolutely loooove your quilt! Those fabrics are so wonderful!

Celestial Charms said...

That Christmas pyrex is the bees knees! I never saw that pattern before, certainly it must be rare.
Love your Christmas quilt, so pretty.

Glenda said...

I'd love to see your entire Pyrex collection (in person, I mean) -- I bet it's all gorgeous! I chuckled about your husband thinking you needed a bigger cereal bowl -- when I was still able to eat cereal, I always grabbed one of my smaller mixing bowls because a soup bowl wasn't big enough ;-).

Your quilt turned out so pretty; that will be a nice treat to snuggle under this holiday season. Love the Scotty-dog fabric.

Celestial Charms said...

Me again!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too.

Mom Walds Place said...

Your pyrex is amazing!!!!! Your quilt is utterly wonderful. It is what quilts are all about, using all of the great bits, because it is too hard to pick just one.

VintageBettys said...

I love that quilt! I want those cute Christmas fabrics! I just added you, I just made my first quilt for my first grandchild which is due to be here on January 17th :)! Hope you have a wonderful New Year!