Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Cherry on Top

Not the greatest pictures of such a fun quilt.  I found the tutorial over on the blog Podunk Pretties and knew it had to be made.  My borders are a little different than hers, I finished it before she got around to posting the last steps.  It's not quilted yet, but the back is pieced, and the label is on.  I just couldn't brave an outside pic today, it's gotten cold here, only 41 degrees and very windy, brr!  Besides they're shelling corn to the north and south of me today, and it would probably be just a little too entertaining for the guys to see me running around the yard trying to control a full sized bed quilt in the wind. ;) 
 I'm trying to better about making labels.  The back is made from two twin sized sheets from Goodwill.  I do know the reasons not to use sheets for quilt backing, but couldn't resist this.  Seriously, who has red gingham sheets, and if you do, who would get rid of them?!
We do love our cherries around here! 
Picking cherries this summer.
Cherries ready to be pitted (not my favorite part).
 And totally unrelated, just had to share this little vintage tray I found while visiting my daughter at her college last week.  I already had the Fiesta dishes, but had to bring them out to try with the tray, too perfect!  The cloth is a vintage feed sack I found this summer (you can still see the stitches from when it was a bag along one corner).  Someone at sometime turned it into an adorable little table topper edged in rick rack.
I love red!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

50 Years

Don't they make a cute couple back in 1963?  They still do.  We celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary at our house last weekend with 55 or 60 people (I kind of lost track).

 My husband spent weeks carefully mowing our pasture and we ate outside on picnic tables.

On Monday we celebrated our 24th, just the two of us.  Hope we can be as happy as they are and reach our 50th too.
After a summer of lots of sadness it was nice to have something to celebrate.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Strawberry Social

I finished my Strawberry Social quilt top this week, love how it turned out!  It ended up looking very much like the pattern original from The Pattern Basket.  I loved how hers looked and knew I had scraps from so many Bonnie and Camille fabrics.  I think there's a little bit of almost all their lines in here, Vintage Modern, Marmalade, Ruby, and Bliss.  I'd like to have it finished for the summer, but it just doesn't seem like quilting weather right now.  I am working on a fun little label for the back, something I need to be better about doing.
Also the fourth block in Fat Quarter Shop's Deck-ade the halls quilt, Santa's Stockings.  Seems funny to be working with Christmas fabric in July, but I love that I'll have a finished quilt by the time Christmas does get here.
Now what to work on next?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My Strawberry Social pattern arrived from the Pattern Basket on Monday and I couldn't wait to get started.  I made four little strawberries Tuesday afternoon, so cute!  They go together so fast and there's a very tricky little way to make those stems.  I just happened to have a strawberry tablecloth on my dining room table, thought it seemed very fitting to take this picture on it.  Only thing is, it's 68 degrees out and very gloomy, not the best weather for picture taking, and 68 is very unusual for July in Illinois.   
A few weeks ago the real strawberries were very plentiful.  I think I made four pies, put up five quarts of berries and many, many pints of freezer jam.  We'll be enjoying strawberries in one way or another for a long time!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Missing Google Reader?

This morning started out so different without my google reader!  I miss it!   I've been trying out bloglovin', and even though lots of people out there have said that's what they'll be using, sorry, but I just don't like it.  Feedly seems ok, and so does the Old Reader, but nothing seems to work well on my nook.  Anyone have any suggestion for that??
Had to include and adorable kitten.  If anyone read my last post, you'll know we started out with eight babies.  Sadly there are just five now, but oh my goodness are they sweet!
I just might do this blog thing if I could make work it right, this is the first time in quite awhile I've been able to upload a picture.  Silly blogger!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Babies At Our House

Eight!  Eight new kittens!  I sure hope mom can handle that many. :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Bee In My Bonnet Row along Quilt

 Finished the binding last night, threw it in the wash this morning, so I could try to catch a sunny picture before it rained again (they're calling for it every day this week).
 But my it's windy!  And my clothesline seems to have sagged over the winter, going to have to fix that.  I would say that this was definitely the most fun I've had making a quilt.  Every two weeks Lori would post a new row for us to work on, it was fun being part of this group of quilters.  I wish I had lots of quilty friends close by, but this was the next best thing. :)
Here's the label and a close up of the binding after washing, I wasn't sure what the quilting would do to my embroidery stitches, but I think they still look OK.  I don't think I have to worry about that french knot dotted i ever coming out, one of my quilting stitches went right through it.
 I worked on the binding for my row along quilt through two Law and Orders, a few Monks, and I think even one NCIS and there was more good TV to watch last night.  Call the Midwife (love, love, love that show) was on, and I guess I was really in a binding mood, I pulled out this very pink quilt and finally started to put the binding on it.  It's much smaller, so shouldn't take near as long, anything good on TV tonight?